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There are currently three veterinarians calling on Misty Blue Farm. You are welcome to use your own vet, if they will travel here, or we'd be happy to recommend one to fit your horse's medical needs. All vet charges are paid directly to the vet.

All Inclusive Equine Care

             Veterinary Care


At Misty Blue Farm every horse gets the care it requires to be happy and healthy. Whether your horse is still being ridden or is retired, we provide the same level of care for the same price. We provide everything for you too. We schedule the vet and the farrier, meet them and hold your horse so that you don't have to. Board is $500 per month and includes:

  • Free choice grass and hay

  • Feeding at least once a day

  • Worming Program 

  • Hoof Care (Trimming every 6 to 8 weeks) 

  • Dental Care (Annual Floating) 

  • Fly Masks, Sheets or blankets when needed

(In the event that your horse must be put on stall rest due to an injury or illness, there will be an additional charge of $3.00 per day.)

Product List

We are currently using the following quality products to care for our horses:

  • Condon Farms Horse Quality Hay

  • Triple Crown Senior Horse Feed

  • Triple Crown Safe Starch

  • Legends Omega Plus Fat Supplement

  • Farrier's Formula Hoof Supplement

  • Spalding-Labs Fly Predators

  • Flicks Fly Spray

  • Rescue Fly Traps

  • Cashel Crusader Fly Masks

Rainbow Bridge

We do the best we can to keep the horses healthy, but there comes a time when a horse's quality of life declines to the point where the difficult decision has to be made to let them pass. We hope the owner can be there to provide calming words and comfort at this time,  but in the event that this is not possible, we will make all of the arrangements and will be by their side to ease their way.   

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